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Banner Quote:   "Each of us is a thought of God, willed, loved and necessary". Pope Benedict XVI


A wide pot potpourri of life-enhancing information
students, career women, and pro-life workers
in CT, the U.S. and around the globe.

Subjects range from power dressing and biofeedback
to chemical attractiveness to males, abortion and
the behind the scene economics of abortion (why INDUSTRIES promote it.

We hope it will act as
an inspiration as well as
provide some
illuminating guidance.

Site Last Updated:  Dec, 2014



New Online Videos, Ultra-sounds,
Songs, etc.

Create "Calm" Whenever You Want to -- the Natural Way! 
Dump the alcohol; dump the smokes! Great!



Girls & All Women! There's Power in the Way You Dress! 

Do you want to be loved or gauked at?  If you dress in a more modest way, guys will respect you and seek to know more about you.  You actually help guys to ge gentlemen and think properly about you.  They appreciate this. See the below video -- it may surprise you!


So What ARE Guys & Men Looking for in a Girl/Woman?


If We're in Love, is Sex OK?


Facing the Truth, Getting Over the Past, and Rediscover Real Love

Having seen these videos, check out our Web page on Chastity and Abstinence. Our
Test Your Relatiionships page is fun if you take the test!


Dr. Janet Smith - Discusses Why Men May be Less Attracted to Girls/Women on the Pill!!!! 

(Saw a 2 hour TV program which confirmed this. In a human experiment men suddenly became more attracted to women they had rejected when the same women were in ovulating. Looking for more info. If you have any, please share.)

She starts out talking about experiments with male monkeys and how their normal high attractions toward female monkeys dwindles to near nothing when the same females are given contraceptives;  some of them even started showing a preference for male monkeys. 

What experiments like this may be telling us is something we instinctively know -- that deep "attraction" to females is not necessarily because of the beauty or sex appeal of the female (as cosmetic advertisers would have us think), but is really about the presence of natural (real) hormones or fertility. Contraceptives deliver synthetic hormones which do not trigger other necessary body chemistries -- such as a sense of "well being", confidence, energy, etc. which also make a woman more appealing.

This could also explain why the increase in certain variant male behaviors map to increases in females taking the pill -- such as pornography (a healthy young man should not need this to become aroused unless there is something missing in the chemistries).   Hear the audio -- with an open mind.  The research in this area is still new.  More to come!



Pro-Life Events, Political/Economic News, Rallies, Marches, & Projects

ANNUAL MARCH FOR LIFE, an All-Time American Event, Every January, Jan, 2012, Washington D.C.! 

This is an annual march to protest abortion and protect human life from conception to natural death.   Take a look at some of the exciting videos.  Plan to join the crowds of up to 250,000 - 400,000 young people and students, church and university students bused in from all over the United States! Unfortunately, our U.S. media does not cover this event (trying to keep it a secret that pro-life people are strong here in the U.S.). So, here is some information. Enjoy the videos!








Several of the videos and most of the hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers who attend the March for Life yearly, complain about the lack or media coverage or distortion regarding the numbers of participants. For example, a top newcaster seemed perplexed as to the ratio of pro-lifers to pro-choicers on the March. This is a slap in the face to the hundreds of THOUSANDS of people who endure long bus trips to travel from small communities all across America to speak out against abortion in community with other pro-lifers. At most marches, the numbers are 300,000 or more. I believe the 2009 march was clocked at 450,000. The number of pro-choicers who crash the march and bring their own press are less than 50.

In contrast to the Washtington D.C. marches,
here's a video of the March for Life that took place in
Sacramento, California
(north of San Francisco) :

This next video repeats themes generated by random groups of young people
who represent a growing trend in America, the U.K., and other parts of the world --
of young people who see abortion as today's "holocaust" that destroys innocent babies just as inhumanely. They put humans first, and economic growth second.
Ironically, researchers have been finding that
low fertility rates result in
poorer economies.

Abortion - the Baby Holocaust


October in America is "Respect Life" month. Pro-life people reach out to celebrate "life" from conception to natural death and events are held across the United States to broadcast that theme. Here are two of them:


We here in America just enjoyed a very successful 2011 Life Chain event with over 1500 Life Chains across the states.

A great success with over 1500 Life Chains of 50 - 300 people in each, standing with signs along major highways, to protest abortion.  As many, if not more, people turned out for this than the March for Life in Jan. The overall perception is that more Americans are beginning to rally for life! 

Our own Life Chain was held in Stamford, CT. After a Pro-Life Mass at St. Johns Church -- honoring God, Human Life & Dignity -- celebrated by Bishop E. William Lori, about 250 participants stood, side by side, including adults, youth, elders, doctors, priests and several policemen. The day was delightfully sunny, and the town embraced the chain with enthusiasm.  Cars honked and people in them waved -- giving approval to our being there.  Parishioners joined us and store owners put aside business to hold signs!

Though it ended at 3 pm (from 1:30) many people hung around to talk further or to meet at a local restuarant.

Oct 18, 2011

Join forces with our friends and students in the U.K., Germany, Canada and Philippines, who continue to have international events of 1,000 or more to protect abortion , known as the annual "Student's Day of Silent Solidarity" -- sponsored by the Stand True Ministries. 

Contact them directly to sign up to participate or get the official 2011 Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity T-shirt.

Though the March for Life and other Life Events are not covered properly by the American Media, as discussed in one of the videos above, they have been victorious. They have been influencing studies by universities and, economists, and behavioral doctors who have been challenging mainstream thought that an unwed mother should automatically have an abortion. These professionals are lobbying to make more choices available and known to women to truly empower them.

Note: It matters less what the media say. What really matters more is the numbers of you who show up at these events. When large numbers of you show up, that influences busy legislators to take notice -- because you may represent many more votes for them.

So, please sign up to attend the next March for Life and other similar life events in your state
or country!

Pro-Life Political & Economic Update
A Behind the Scenes Look

Studies prompted by the yearly persistence of the March for Life and other Life events by teens and adults, are getting attention and causing many trends to be questioned.

Following are just three of the trends that are being looked at.

Sex Ed in Middle and High Schools:

The trend to teach explicit sex education in middle school and high school health programs and present sex as the normal thing to do, if you like it. This puts peer pressure on young women by boyfriends and friends to include sexual intimacy in their dating relationships. Never, are they told that the motivation is to make certain industries alot of money.

Curriculums and literature also tell students not to tell their parents, which automatically degrades trust between parents and students, and weakens parental authority.

The state and federal governments and their legislators tend to close their eyes or cooperate because these industries donate heavily to them.

Misrepresentation of adoption:

This is done to discourage women from using adoption as a alternative to abortion. Sites and videos influenced by this industry distribute misleading information. For example, they suggest that:

  • Going through the birth process a painful thing, especially when it ends in placing your baby. The fact is that women who do it get joy from bringing a life into the world and they too look all aglow just like moms who will keep their babies. It is sad to see how some of the videos -- these industries put out or instigate -- make fun of the birth process.

  • The process to place your baby for adoption is too complicated for teens or busy woman. Actually, the process is a snap for teens and busy women (who are brighter than promoters of abortion believe). In addition, Pregenancy care center advisors or adoption agency advisors help women breeze through it and even assist with their selection of adoptive parents for their babies.

    You are free thinking and smart. Consider this. If girls and career women with unplanned pregnancies suddenly started placing their babies for adoption, that would discourage sexual activity a great deal, wouldn't it. Would this financially benefit the abortion/contraceptive industry? Would it decrease revenues from abortions and revenues from contraceptives while the mom is pregnant? So what is this industry doing?

    The abortion industry is knocking out the competition (adoption agencies) or anything that can reduce their revenues.

Again, the state and federal governments and their legislators tend to close their eyes or cooperate because these industries donate heavily to them.

Discouraging women from going to pregnancy care centers

  • It is said by the abortion industry promoters that when the volunteers in these centers show women the ultrasounds, they harass them into having their babies by pointing out that their baby is a baby and not a blob.

    Now, women are not dumb.

    They can see this themselves. They do not need someone to tell them that the baby they are looking at is a baby. They also know how to google ultrasounds, and they know they will destroy a life. (On this site, the most popular page visited is the baby development page.) With the Internet, women are more aware than their sisters of the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's.

    Note: Pro-choice is actually based on the misinfomation circulated in those years.

  • They say that most pregnancy care center advisors are religious fanatics who will try to discourage women from having abortions.

    The fact is, that advisors do not have to open their mouths to discourage abortion.

    Women are more capable these days.

    They can google and discover how abortions are conducted and discover what the risks are to themselves. Pregnancy care advisors do not need to tell them this. What most pregnancy care advisors focus on is getting to know the woman, her circumstances, and helping her to know about her options.

  • In some states, these industries have actually talked their state governments into requiring that pregnancy care centers put signs in front of their doors that say they do not refer for abortions or sell contraceptives.

    This is ridiculous. It is like requiring Coke to post TV ads that say they do not sell Pepsi! Women are not stupid -- they will
    see through this.

If this is happening in your area: Please write your legislators and explain that it is unfair. The pregnancy care centers are simply helping you to know about and learn about other options -- ensuring you have a several choices (not just one choice - abortion). (The abortion industry promotes the idea that this takes time -- that when pregnant, every week of time spent considering other options can increase your risk when you have the abortion. Again, you are not dumb. You can learn about other options within days -- through the Internet now and visits to local pregnancy care centers. In Connecticut, we have many great ones and they try to be on major bus stops for easy access.

Most state and federal legislators tend to close their eyes or cooperate because these industries donate heavily to them.

In addition, government agencies, schools and other institutions in the United States receive donations from these industries (either directly or indirectly through government programs financed by the abortion industry) in exchange for including their sex programs in their offerings/curriculum and promoting the industries services and products -- such as condoms.

However, the American government is a wonderful thing. If we understand its processes and what motivates legislators and parties to act on our behalf, we can be well supported by it. It is votes. So, we encourage pro-lifers to attend rallies, marches, and other life events and in this way let their legislators see them in numbers. We must write to them, call them, and give your opinions. .

We cannot blame legislators for making wrong decisions if we are not participating in the system. Sound right?

Note: Interestingly, the same is true in our Churches. It is so easy to blame and not participate. Let's increase our participating in these systems, improve them, and make them work for us! That's leadership.

November is Adoption Month

See our stie's page on adoption.

The National Adoption Council, estimates 6 - 10 million adopted persons in the U.S. The one thing they all share in common is that somewhere, some time, a decision was made that was intended to be in their "best interest." Whether infant or older child, domestic or international, stepparent, relative, or "stranger" adoption, that "best interest" was presentes more visible and more vocal, the entire institution of adoption has changed and is changing in response to the experiences of today's adult adoptees.

To Begin to Help Women

Send this site to your friends and distribution lists to read for themselves and ask all your friends to show up at life events and especially the March for Life.

Let's have 1million go to the March for Life next year. The legislators will definitely pay attention to that! You can make a difference!



Inspirational Box Office

NEW: The Jeweller's Shop. Two couples decide to get married. Years later, war and tragedy, separate them. A mysterious jeweller who sold them their wedding rings, helps them find the true meaning of marriage and love that we all seek. The book that this movie is based on was written by Pople John Paul II when he was a young man involved in drama groups and wrote and produced plays in wartime Poland. It has been translated into 22 languages.

NEW: Fireproof (See the Full Movie). This is a griping story about a heroic fireman who was good but got carried away with himself to the detriment of his marriage. With the help of his father, he realizes the truth, and decides to transform his life and marriage. The co-writer and director of this movie (which was shown in theaters) is a Baptist Minister, Alex Kendrick) who also produced Facing the Giants, Fly Wheel, and a new movie just now being released called, "Courageous". Most of the actors are from his congregation - read their stories. These movies are action packed and heart warming in that they demonstrate men who love their wives so much, they are willing to take an honest look at their self-absorption and change their ways. They show off how a good and strong husband and father should behave. Really great for women and men!

Q: What are your thoughts about the impact that FIREPROOF has had since its release?
A: There's not a day that goes by that we don't hear testimonies from viewers who have been changed by the story. Hearing how the Lord has transformed marriages never gets old!

See Facing the Giants bloopers!

NEW: Courageous. Just released. Another Alex Kendrick movie, like Fireproof, that demonstrates the wonderful role of men as husbands and fathers and calling men to turn their hearts back to their children and wives - as God intended. That it is not good enough to be a "good enough father" or a "passive father" or "husband". Men should set an example of a loving man who follows God, sets standards for himself and his family, and leads. "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15. This and the other Kendrick Brother movies change lives for parents and children! Read the below trailer for Courageous.

NEW: The Trouble with Angels. This is an old but cute and delightful movie about two girls who decide to join a convent and turn it up-side-down with their pranks. The Mother superior comes to love them depsite themselves and all the trouble they cause. She confides something to them at the end of the movie. Their graduation is both a relief and celebration for her.

Finding Nemo.  See a clip. This is not a new movie, but was one of the best and should be listed.  Good for the whole family, from tots to college students and career people.  It is a hilarious undersea cartoon adventure involving Nemo, a young clownfish, who finds himself separated from his family, and worse yet, winds up in a dentist office aquarium..  The story is about him being helped by loved ones to escape and find his way home. 

Entertaining Angels. Moira Kelly and Martin Sheen.  This one is about Dorothy Day, an interesting saint.  She lives hard, makes mistakes like all of us, and suffers through the consequences.  But, despite all, Dorothy fights to make a difference.  She wants to house the homeless, feed the hundry and tend to the sick -- but she has only $.97!!!  A great inspiriational movie!  

The Soloist.  Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. are terrific in this true story about Nathaniel Ayers, a former violin prodigy whose bouts with schizophrenia landed him on the streets after two years of schooling at Juilliard. Steve Lopez (Robert Downey, Jr.) is a disenchanted journalist stuck in a dead-end job. Steve is wandering through Los Angeles' Skid Row when he notices a bedraggled figure playing a two-stringed violin. The figure in question is Ayers (Jamie Foxx), a man whose promising career in music was cut short due to a debilitating bout with mental illness. The more Lopez learns about Ayers, the greater his respect grows for the troubled soul.  This is a heart warming movie.

Scrooged. Bill Murray is at his comic best here; see a clip. Scrooged is director Richard Donner's contemporary take on Charles Dickens's classic tale "A Christmas Caro."  --  which has been read and shown for over 150+ years and is an accepted part of American literature. This 1988 version, is the latest of many.  Like all others, it describes the need for mankind to not be so selfish.  By three ghostly apparitions over a 24-hour period, an old miser is shown the error of his ways.

A Christmas Carol.  This is an older version, 1984, considered one of the best.. You might enjoy seeing it too and contrasting it with Scrooged. It follows the original story by Charles Dickens very closely. In this version, George C. Scott captures the old miser very well That is, the meanness of him, but with a trace of sadness that makes us hope that the three ghosts who visit him will be successful in showing him the error of his selfish ways and prompt him to change.

Padre Pio, Man of God....This movie is an incredible documentary.  It includes interviews with those who knew him.  Many people, Catholics and non-Catholics are amazed at the soul readings, healings and prophecies this discerning but very humble Friar did and the crowds of thousands of people he regularly attracted.  He always said is was grace from God. The most dramatic sign of his special grace was the stigmata. Read about this very sacred life. Obtain this at www.janson.com IsBN# 1-5656839-075-0

The Ultimate Gift....This winner includes Academy Award nominees Abigail Breslin and James Garner, and Brian Dennedhy -- see a clip. It is an engaging story about a young man of privilege who receives a very unusual inheritance of 12 tasks, call gifts that lead him to discover the real meaning of "wealth". 

WALL-E....A Box Office Hit

Bella...See adoption in a new light.  "The Bella films leading man, actor/producer Eduardo Versastegui, spoke at the White House...saying:     'Families have changed their lives forever after adopting a child .  Because it's not only that a family can give a child a home, but they themselves would have the gift of motherhood and fatherhood.  So in adoption...everybody wins'  To view the article and video of Eduardo at the White House http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/271464.aspx  

The Inn of the SIXTH Happiness....This is a 1958 favorite American movie with a favorite actresss -- Ingrid Bergman.  An English missionary makes her way to China and there wins the respect of the local mandarin, but the greatest accomplishment is leading 100 homeless children to safety across enemy-held terrain. This is adapted from the novel "The small Woman" and is a true-life story of Gladyse Aylward -- very inspiring from beginning to end!

Juno....Juno is a whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate Bleeker. With the help of her hot best friend Leah, Juno finds her unborn child a "perfect" set of parents: an affluent suburban couple, Mark and Vanessa, longing to adopt. Luckily, Juno has the total support of her parents as she faces some tough decisions, flirts with adulthood and ultimately figures out where she belongs.

God Grew Tired of Us.....A moving documentary narrated by Nicole Kidman, explores the impressive spirit of thousands of "Lost Boys" from Sudan who are forced to journey from their homeland due to a tumultuous civil war. In this movie, we track three of them who were helped to get to America.  The movie shows their triumph over many obstacles as they try to build active and fulfilling lives for themselves.  It is "impressive" because they do not let anything stop them from becoming what God wants for them or behaving in ways that God would want them to. 

Amazing Grace.....This is an inspiring story of how one man's passion and perseverance changed the world.  Based on the true story of William Wilberforce, it follows his courageous quest to end the British slave trade.  Along the way, he meets repeated oppositions from Parliament but sees the cause through to victory. This film is called a "Sweeping Epic!"

The Mighty....This is an inspiring story for teens, young adults and people of all ages with young hearts.  It is about a disabled boy who makes the best of his circumstances to live a rich life and inspire others. It is an older movie but the message is ageless.  Actors/actresses include Sharon Stone and Kieran Culkin.  It was produced by Jane Startz, Simon Fields, and won best film editing, best art direction, best costume, and best original dramatic score as well as best actor and actress. ,

Key News Flashes

In the Media Section (above right), we have an audio by Eileen Smith who shares her great distress over her daughter Laura's death during an abortion.  Eileen also did allot of work to bring the abortionist and that clinic to justice.  You can read about it below.  It is so sad that Eileen's beautiful daughter, Laura, was a victim of the carelessness and risky medical practices of this clinic.  Let's applaud Eileen for the work she did.

It is abominable that this is not unusual.  Here in America, as in other countries, there is a lack of governmental regulations and enforcement.  This means that the medical practices and personnel of these clinics, and hospitals, are not monitored closely, if at all.  Because of this, women who go for or are forced to have abortions are at as much risk today-- as they were before abortion became legal. (See a doctor's testimonies on this on the abortion page.)

Those of you in other countries who are visiting this site, take heed.  It is not true that just by making something legal it becomes safe.  Full suites of government regulations must be put in place, and they must be enforced -- with harsh penalties for non-compliance (just as is done in the banking or computer industries).  This is generally not done, because it is too costly in terms of money and manpower.  Do not be fooled by the global abortion-contraceptive industryand the governments and officials they fund.  Unfortunately, most Pro-choice Americans (including young women and their friends, parents, boyfriends or husbands) have been fooled into a false sense of safety as well as moral correctness.  

To stay informed on this, you all may want to periodically read the regular news posts on this at Operation Rescue

Massachusetts, USA, Grand Jury Indictment
Against Abortionist In Patient's Death

July 16th, 2008

Details of efforts to cover up aspects of Laura Smith's death were exposed by the grand jury investigation.

Hyannis, MA - A Barnstable County Grand Jury issued an indictment today against abortionist Rapin Osathanondh for Involuntary Manslaughter in the death of 22-year old Laura Hope Smith. According to Smith's mother, Eileen, efforts to cover up details of her daughter's death came to light during the grand jury investigation.

Mrs. Smith told Operation Rescue that a Sheriff's Deputy in another county had provided Osathanondh and his abortion clinic staff with CPR training, then backdated the session to a date prior to Laura's death, with the full knowledge that someone had recently died at the clinic. Osathanondh and his staff had been uncertified in CPR until that time.

"I'm appalled that an officer of the law would be involved in that," Eileen Smith told Operation Rescue. "Thank God this has been exposed!" Mrs. Smith has filed a complaint in Bristol County against the deputy.

Laura Smith had sought an abortion from Osathanondh on September 13, 2007, at his office, Women's Health Center, in the Cape Cod town of Hyannis. Smith was placed under full anesthesia when only Osathanondh and a non-medical receptionist (not a nurse) were present. When Smith suddenly stopped breathing, the receptionist phoned 911, but it was too late. Smith died later that day.

Five months later, in response to a complaint filed by Eileen Smith, Osathanondh relinquished his medical license to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine in the wake of pending disciplinary action and a criminal investigation. Osathanondh's two abortion offices were closed.

"We are gratified that Osathanondh will have to account for Laura's death in a court of law. It is not enough that he can no longer practice medicine. He must be held legally responsible for his crimes that resulted in the death of this young woman," said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. "Only then can we say that some small measure of justice has been served."

"As for those who attempted to help Osathanondh cover up for his shocking lack of emergency training, we share Eileen's dismay that someone involved in law enforcement would lie to provide the abortionist cover," said Sullenger. "That is completely unacceptable behavior and that person should be fired immediately."

Operation Rescue was the first to break the news of Laura's death, and worked with Eileen to help bring Osathanondh to justice.

FYI: Introducing the Creighton Model
FertilityCare System
for Women and Couples

We would like to introduce you to the "all natural" Creighton Model, FertilityCare system  for the full spectrum of women’s health issues, to assist women and couples to maintain their fertility throughout all stages of their reproductive lives, and manage pregnancies. 

This wonderful system of care was advanced by Dr. Hilgers from 1976, and is based on technologies and scientific research that had been going on quietly in the background since the 1920's.  Good doctors and scientists devoted their lives to contribute to it.  Its goal has always been to give you a natural way to do family planning. Scientists worked especially hard after the 1930's when contraceptives were approved for use by most religions.  Their motivation was the awareness of the medical risks contraceptives would introduce and their respect for women.   Later, their repository of science and technology, was expanded by Dr. Hilgers to treat the full spectrum of female problems.  Today many doctors are trained in it, but it is not well publicized.  The medical profession, especially here in the US, is as you know very slow to incorporate a new technology and embrace it, even if it is backed by numerous studies/trials and is superior. For example, twenty years before hospitals started giving low-cholesterol menus to heart patients, research institutes had been publishing papers prescribing such diets.

Currently, there are hundreds of trained doctors and practitioners in the US who are trained in.  Doctors and patients are seeking it because of the benefits it delivers. Here are some http://www.fertilitycare.org/teacher.htm 

Benefits are many:

All “Natural” method of female care – no side effects

Low-cost system of fertility care – from monitoring to birth

Validated 80-85% success rate for infertility cures (vs. 30-35% for IVF).

High reliability pregnancy postponement (competitive 98.7-99.9% method effectiveness)*

Nationally standardized charting-diagnostic tools        

Sophisticated techniques for early pre-cancer detection

Integrated multi-discipline techniques quickly address “causes” & the “whole person”  

Treatments are more versatile and effective because they respect the fact that each woman's menstrual cycle is very unique. This means that treatments must be coordinated with the woman's own cycle.  For example, introducing progesterone at a time when a woman's body is in heavy production of estrogen would be detrimental as well as ineffective. 

1) doctors use all-natural treatments that are in sync with the woman's own cycle

2) doctors are trained in a licensed in methodologies that tap the latest in reproductive science -- developed from the 1976 to present -- that have not yet found their way into most medical training programs. Medical schools are very advanced in much of their teaching, but in the reproductive area, they still include methods developed prior to the 1970's that do not allow for the variances in woman's menstrual cycles.   

3) doctor's practitioners work closely with patients to help them observe and record characteristics of their individual menstrual cycles on a daily basis for several months.  Doctor will then use these inputs plus typical testing techniques to analyze conditions and prescribe treatments.  There is no "one size fits all" mentality here.

4) doctors, practitioners and patients bond as they work together to help the patient.  It is an ongoing process that helps women will all types of problems as well as to successfully plan a pregnancy or postpone a pregnancy.
Doctors who offer this technology enjoy overflowing practices.  Women readily refer other women.

Without specific and personal patient feedback, traditional doctors are forced to apply generic solutions, prescribe the pill for many things such as excessive bleeding or cramps, or treat symptoms rather than causes.  While these treatments may help symptoms, they often mask the real causes of problems.  An example is the way doctors help women who are infertile to have children by doing IVF -- which is only 35% effective, expensive and inconvenient -- while the infertile condition is allowed to remain untreated and to get worse or become permanent.   Another example is the common practice of giving the pill for many female problems, but it uses "artificial" hormones which may treat the symptoms but again leave the cause untreated, do not integrate well with other normal bodily processes, can introduce other problems, and may be less reliable.  Note:  for information on variables that make the pill less reliable --  see the birth control page.    .  

The table below gives you a list of some of the female problems that FertilityCare doctors can address.  Often the doctor will diagnose them before a woman has symptoms or realizes she has a problem.  PMS is a good example.  Many women who suffer symptoms of it, such as depression, think it is normal "for them" and do not report it to doctors.  But, these doctors can detect it, tell a woman she has it, and treat it.  

Corrective Techniques for Female Problems:

Menstrual Cramp
Premenstrual syndrome
Ovarian cysts
Irregular or abnormal bleeding

Polycystic ovarian disease
Hormonal abnormalities
Repetitive miscarriage
Female Related Depression
Chronic discharges

Some Multi-discipline Techniques
Hormonal blood tests

Charting; timed blood tests, Hysteroscopy
Natural hormonal support
Biopsy, medicines
Vitamins & diet
Surgery, laser and more

Our volunteer organization and partners are making a big push to introduce this technology to doctors and nurses in the Tri-State area, RI and PA, to more effectively help women throughout their lives. 

We had a seminar on Jan 17 which was very successful.  The doctors and nurses who came were enthusiastic and energized, and invited us to present to other groups or in other states as far as S. Carolina.

The seminar gave enough information about this technology to make a decision whether or not to take training in it and obtain a license.  The instructors were Dr. Scanlon, who is an OB/GYN (listed below, who is also known globally for his frequent visits to Africa to bring American technologies to them), and Dr. Watson, a family doctor (listed below, who has been teaching about this technology for many years ).  The agenda included a presentation by a practitioner couple, who will relay the patient point of view and why patients prefer this methodology -- for its effectiveness and ongoing monitoring, attention and caring (the monitoring is found to be necessary when woman's mentrual cycles change frequently). As for couples, they report it enhances their marital relationship because they too learn about the variances in a woman's menstrual cycle and come to understand how it affects the wife physically and psychologically.  With this understanding, they have the choice to adjust their expectations accordingly.   Husbands report how astonished they are with their new knowledge of their wife's reproductive system and how it integrates with all of her other systems -- they say they have a new respect for women and love of God. 

Here is the information on the seminar agenda which can be duplicated in your area if you are interested. We did video tape it, and at the least, some CDs or DVDs can be sent. To contact us, go to the About Us page, and use the feedback form at the bottom.

Sites to


For information on the Creighton Model,  which is the most scientific of  the models offered, please visit the below sites.

http://www.fertilitycare.org/ (general info)

http://www.creightonmodel.com/  (medical)

http://www.naprotechnology.com/ (medical)

http://www.aafcp.org/infertility.html (chronic infertility)

http://www.fertilitycare.org/napro/abortion.htm (repetitive  miscarriage)

http://www.aafcp.org/miscarriage.html  (references)

http://www.popepaulvi.com/ (best on programs & training)

http://www.fertilitycare.org/teacher.htm  (trained practitioners offer patience assistance)

http://www.aafcp.org/  (for professional members of the academy)



A Current List of FertilityCare Doctors
in the USA
Tri-State Area & Massachusetts

Below are doctors in the Tri-state area and Massachusetts that practice FertilyCare:  

Dr. Judy Mascolo
Is known and referred to by all the pregnancy centers listed on this site. She has been actively working to introduce Natural Family Planning to communities and medical professionals, and has participated in legislative hearings to testify to the damages of contraceptives and abortion. If you need a Pro-life OB/GYN, she will refer you.

Dr. Leonie Watson
Is In Mountainside, New Jersey which is very close to CT.  Dr. Watson has been a leader in this type of female counseling and treatments for over ten years and is our speaker at seminars. She readily points out the damage that contraceptives do to females (aside from the STDs) and how they can quickly destroy emotional intimacy in marriages.  If you need a Pro-life OB/GYN, she will refer you.

Dr. Paul Carpentier
Has won a special award, "The Outstanding Medical Consultant in Natural Family Planning" award which is given to only five doctors in the world.  Dr. Carpentier practices FertilityCare and welcomes discriminating patients who prefer an all-natural system --  1) to diagnose and treat the full range of female problems and 2) for family planning. He is also a part-time faculty member for the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction in Omaha where the NaProTECHNOLOGY was developed..

Dr. Robert Scanlon
Is the only OB/GYN trained in the natural Creighton Model, FertilityCare system at this time in the Tri-State area. Like Dr. Watson, he speaks out about how the Creighton Model FertilityCare techniques can help cure what most doctors consider to be chronic conditions such as repeated miscarriages or ongoing infertility. Traditional medicine is less effective in the treatment of female problems because it generally fixes symptoms rather than addressing the causes of problems, as when contraceptives are given to treat cramps or extensive bleeding.  Contraceptives also introduce risks because they use artificial hormones. 

Dr. James Samuel
His practice is centrally located in CT for CT females and immediately off Route 95 for those of you coming from out of state. Dr. Samuel is one of the best internists in the area and ready to support those of you who are seeking a Pro-life doctor.

The wonderful things about these doctors is their courage to expand their practices into new medical arenas, their dedication, and their accessibility. Each of them will be happy to talk with you, and there is nothing you cannot share. In them, you have a friend.


Dr. Judith Mascolo, MD, Family Doctor
8 Ellsworth Rd, 3rd Floor
West Hartford, CT 06107
(860) 233-4600

Dr. Leonie Watson, MD, Family Doctor
1156 Springfield Ave.
Mountainside, NJ 07692
(908) 232-0995
Website: fertilitycareconsulting.com

Dr. Paul Carpentier, M.D, Family Doctor
Medical Arts Building, Suite 200
250 Green St.
Gardner, Massachusetts
(978) 632-6880

Dr. Robert Scanlon, M.D., OB/GYN
North Shore Medical Group
325 Park Ave
Huntington, New York 11743
(631) 351-3700

Dr. James Samuel, M.D., Internist
40 Cross St, 4th Floor
Norwalk, CT 06851
(203) 845-4825

Hopefully, we will devote a page just to this new technology for females of all ages and in all countries to investigate.

[1] *A Meta Analysis of Perspective Studies, J Repro. Med. 43: 495-502, June 1998.

© KAROL-Davide Publications 2007. All Rights Reserved


© KAROL-Davide Publications 2007. All Rights Reserved